Unique Perspectives provides personnel onsite to perform services for your Information Systems department.  Examples of services performed in the past are:

bulletNetwork Server configuration/administration/consulting
bulletNetwork traffic/frame analysis
bulletServer/workstation configuration process documentation
bulletServer/workstation rollout configuration/test
bulletHelpdesk technical support
bulletApplication evaluations
bulletInternet firewall planning/configuration/implementation
bulletInternet router connections-dialup, ISDN, lease, frame
bulletPC to Host connectivity planning/config/implement/debug
bulletEducation - Network, Operating Systems, Applications
bulletCustom Engineered System Designs - LAN, WAN, Application
bulletCustom Engineered Business Process Designs
bulletMechanical Engineering Designs - Machines and Structures
bulletProject Management - Information Systems and Engineering
bulletApplication development
bulletPeachtree ® PayrollTax Tables Yearly UPdate service or skills transfer (Federal and State tax tables)
bulletOperating Systems technical support - Win95®  Win98®  WinNT®  Win2000®  WinNT Server®  Win2000 Server® WinXP® OS/2®
bulletInternet Service Provider
bulletDomain Name Service (DNS) servers
bulletWebsite hosting - UP hosted sites
bulletWebsite construction - UP built sites
bulletWebsite design - UP designed sites
bulletE-mail hosting
bulletE-mail Virus Scanning
bulletDomain registration